*Coupon codes must be used at Quellshop.com at the time of purchase from Friday 7/20/2024 until Sunday 7/21/2024 at 11:59pm PT and can only be applied to single-bottle purchases of Mega IgG2000 capsules, Mega IgG2000 powder, and Megasporebiotic capsules. These discounts do not apply to any of the other products sold at Quellshop.com.

The 3-count and 6-count bottle options of Microbiome Labs products are not eligible for these discounts since they are already deeply discounted.

You can purchase single-count bottles as a one-time purchase OR as a subscription using the appropriate coupon codes. For subscription discounts – this deal is only available on new subscriptions started during this promotional timeframe and does not apply to existing subscriptions. It applies to 1-count (or single-count) bottle options ONLY.

Subscriptions are typically 10% on 1-count (or single-count) bottles. The discount offered during this promotion increases the subscription from 10% to 17%. Thus, the coupon code simply increases the discount to 17% off of the MSRP (or single product purchase price). It does not add an additional 17% discount to the already discounted subscribe + save pricing.

Getting the 17% discount “for life” means that you retain this deeper discount on the specific subscription you’ve initiated on any of the three eligible Microbiome Labs products as long as this subscription remains active. Canceling your subscription initiated during this promotion terminates your access to the 17% discount, and future subscriptions would be subject to whatever the discount is at the time of re-initiation.

Additional coupon codes may not be used or combined with this sale. Because we are a small business, we cannot offer price adjustments for products purchased before or after the sale window.

All orders purchased using these coupon codes are final. Supplements are not returnable.

We are an authorized reseller of Microbiome Labs products.