Meet Jennifer...

Founder, Clinical Nutritionist + Healthy Skin Show Podcast Host

Jennifer Fugo, MS, CNS, LDN is a clinical nutritionist + skin rash warrior – she has personal experience living with dyshidrotic eczema + hidradenitis suppurativa.

Her curiosity to look for more natural options (beyond steroids + antibiotics) to address her own skin problems fueled what has become a huge passion to help others support their skin from the outside-in + inside-out.

With a Master’s degree from the University of Bridgeport (Human Nutrition), Jennifer has extensive training in nutritional biochemistry, therapeutic use of diet + supplementation for chronic illness (including chronic gut and skin concerns), therapeutic use of herbs, mindfulness, and the gut-skin immune connection.

She is the clinical director of Integrative Nutrition Group – a virtual clinical nutrition practice consulting on chronic skin cases around the world. She is an internationally recognized speaker at professional conferences, presenting innovative approaches to chronic skin issues based on her research + clinical experience.

Jennifer is the host of the podcast – The Healthy Skin Show – which has over 1.1 MILLION downloads worldwide + is available on Apple / Spotify / YouTube. She interviews experts across the globe on research-based + clinical experience-informed strategies to support various chronic skin conditions.

Our Skin Care Formulation Team

Our DermaQuell skincare formulation team cares deeply about creating skincare products that support your unique skin needs. 

Headed up by our founder, Jennifer Fugo, the all-women team includes formulators with many years of experience in the natural skincare industry with specific training in herbalism, aromatherapy, aesthetics + cosmetology. 

And we are committed to…

  • Safe herbal preparations
  • Appropriate dilutions of essential oils
  • "No hormone disrupter" ingredient deck
  • Sustainable sourcing
  • Fair trade + cruelty-free practices

All batches of our skincare products are produced in a USA-based, woman-owned, GMP-compliant facility, and are third-party laboratory tested for safety + stability.