Luxurious thick emollient-style butter for extra dry skin.

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When your skin’s desperately thirsty, Nourish Butter offers soothing, thicker coverage to support your skin with maintaining hydration. Nourish Butter is our simplest formula with limited botanicals perfect for soothing and nourishing your skin.

This rich, emollient salve is perfect for cracked + dried out rashes that need nighttime nourishment with hemp oil, shea butter + St. John’s Wort extract!

The consistency of this product is more of a nourishing, oily salve rather than a light cream that will quickly disappear. That’s because the ingredients in this are helping to maintain the moisture of your skin. And since it is a natural product without any unnecessary ingredients, some separation (that doesn’t impact the formula) may occur.

TIP: cover the area with a light, breathable unbleached muslin or cotton after applying to help the product do its job.

Nourish Butter is non-GMO, is not tested on animal, certified organic and made in USA.

NOTE: For external use only. Do not apply to eye area. May cause sensitivity to sunlight. Best applied in the evening.


Ingredients (*=certified organic): Hemp Oil*, Shea Butter*, Organic Beeswax*, Natural Vitamin E (Tocopherol), Rosemary Extract*, Calendula Extract*, St John’s Wort Extract*.


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