If you've been looking for answers that will put a stop to the constant itching - and resolve those cracked, scaly, painful areas...
Before your liver gets trashed by non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.
Before your thyroid crashes and burns.
And your joints start to inflame and swell.
This is about looking at the full picture of what's going on rather than ONLY looking at your skin.
Because psoriasis is so much more than just a skin rash problem.
There are system-wide concerns that most only face once they show up - and at that point, the hole you're digging yourself out of is way more complex.
If you've been told that...
"Your psoriasis is probably genetic - there's nothing you can do."
Here... try another drug."
"There's no cure - You just have to learn to live with it."
... then I want you to know that those phrases are NOT true!
You are NOT doomed and there are things you can do to help your psoriasis.
And I reveal everything I know in the "Psoriasis Deeper Dive" (Level 2) masterclass...
This is NOT the same information presented in the "Skin Rash Deep Dive" masterclass - it's a deeper dive into Psoriasis, building upon the information you'll get from the Skin Rash Deep Dive.
It reveals what I've learned after 3 years of helping dozens of clients get their psoriasis under control...
  • How to shortcut your recovery time by assessing your "psoriasis type"
  • CAUTION: Psoriasis is a risk factor for non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, Hashimoto's thyroiditis, metabolic syndrome and arthritis - learn how to reduce your risk!
  • The 29 lab tests that can shed light on WHY your skin cells have gone crazy... and which ones are the most useful based on your "psoriasis type"
  • The 4 lab tests that you shouldn't waste your money on - PLUS why you shouldn't waste your time trying out "diet fads"
  • The #1 lab testing mistake that most people make (and it can totally ruin your results!)
  • Diet recommendations that may be worth giving a go... and how to add back in foods if you've not had luck with elimination diets
  • The very best products for calming flare-ups (without steroids)
  • Why it's perfectly fine to work on this stuff if you are taking a biologic or other psoriasis meds
  • Supplement recommendations + topical strategies based on my work with dozens of psoriasis clients
  • Strategies for what to do when your psoriasis is super itchy
  • WARNING: You don't get "brownie points" for having a "die off reaction" or "Herxing" or a "healing crisis" - those are signs that you're detoxing wrong - let me show you how to detox smoothly and without side effects!
  • Specific products that can be helpful depending on what type of flare you're experiencing
  • 3 case studies of my actual clients so you can see how these principles work in real life - setting your expectations + knowing what to expect ahead of time is soooo helpful for the mental game!
  • Questions for your doctor (that you probably don't know to ask)
These Support Materials Will Help You Put This Information Into Practice Right Away...

Connecting Dots Between Psoriasis And Thyroid Problems

In this 11-minute audio file I reveal research that shows increased incidence of thyroid issues in those with psoriatic arthritis.

I also tell you the best way to ask your doctor for a thyroid test, exactly which tests you need, as well as what you can do to nutritionally support a struggling thyroid.

Client Story of Severe Thyroid Issues Hiding Under Psoriasis

When Lisa started working with me she had no energy because she was barely eating (for fear that the wrong food could cause a food-related flare up).

Through the process of working with me, Lisa was able to start eating more foods - and we figured out that her thyroid was way low!

My "Happier Skin" Guarantee to You
I am so confident that this information can help you have happier skin... But if you watch the masterclass, and put everything to work, and you still aren't seeing improvement, simply email and we'll issue you a full refund.
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