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Here's A Small Sample Of What You'll Discover in The "Skin Rash Deep Dive" Masterclass...

  • Common skin health misconceptions that are all over the internet — and can actually make your skin worse!
  • The 16 surprising root causes of chronic skin problems (HINT: "Diet" is only 1 of them)
  • A super comprehensive list of labs that can help you root out the hidden source of your skin rashes — your dermatologist hasn't even heard about these cutting-edge tests yet!
  • The strict step-by-step order to do lab testing in so you don't waste money on tests you don't actually need
  • WARNING: These widely advertised lab tests (with really cute-looking packaging) are actually a big waste of money!
  • Find out which lab tests you can order yourself, which ones you should do with a nutritionist or dietitian, and which ones are definitely "doctor territory"
  • The best way to get your doctor to order the tests you need through your insurance
  • CAUTION: This common skin supplement that can skew your lab results — don't take it for at least 7 days before you test!
  • A quick and easy 10-minute test you can do at home with stuff from the grocery store
  • The dangers of living on strict elimination diets like AIP and low FODMAP and why you should be eating a wide variety of foods you love (including sugar in moderation!!)
  • The liver cleansing mistake that can make skin problems worse... and the crucial step most people are missing
  • ALERT: These common bathing habits and products are dismantling your skin's delicate microbiome
  • The real reason why so many "skin fixes" work for awhile... and then stop working
  • Why your skin problems may actually be the result of problems in other organs
  • The unlikely culprit behind that awful itch... especially mysterious "middle of the night" itching
  • The "all-natural" beauty products and ingredients you're probably using to moisturize your itchy skin (but should be avoiding altogether)
  • A list of my absolute favorite, tried and true products and ingredients to rebuild healthy skin
  • What your dermatologist "forgot" to tell you about long-term steroid usage — and alternatives you can use to dampen flare ups or lengthen the time between steroid applications

Begin Fixing Your Skin... For Just $97 $17!

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These Support Materials Will Help You Make the Most of What You Learn in the Masterclass...

Best Labs

The Best Conventional Labs To Figure Out Your Skin Rashes

I’m baffled at how many skin rash warriors have never had conventional lab testing done to find clues about what’s causing their rashes.

Here you’ll find the 12 lab tests available through conventional medical outlets and how to ask your doctor for them (or order them yourself if they won’t!)

Best Skin Tests

Best Functional Tests for Uncovering Your Skin Rash Root Causes

The best cutting-edge lab tests are years ahead of the curve and are not being used by conventional medicine yet so…

This eGuide shows you the top 6 skin-related tests, how to know which ones you may need, and where you can get the tests.

Allergen Cross-Reactivity Guide

Allergen Cross-Reactivity eGuide

Cross-reactivity happens when the proteins in a specific pollen are similar to the proteins found in other foods.

For example, if you’re sensitive to birch, you might notice that stone fruits (like cherries, peaches, plums) trigger a flare up of your symptoms.

This eGuide contains several huge lists of cross-reactive pollen/food combos that may help you find the hidden causes of your symptoms.

Root Cause Finder

Skin Rash Root Cause Finder

There are 16 root causes of skin rashes so it can be hard to figure out which ones to work on first.

So this is designed to be used as a “scorecard” to reveal which root causes are the most pressing and should be looked at first.

It’s super helpful if you’re not sure what direction to go in to figure out your skin issues!

Stomach Acid Guide

DIY Low Stomach Acid Test Guide

Everyone’s worried about too much stomach acid — but unless you have chemically burned tissue in your esophagus, it’s more likely that your digestive symptoms are caused by low stomach acid.

This guide shows you how to conduct a very simple stomach acid test at home using ingredients from the grocery store.

You can know for sure in just 15 minutes!

Symptoms of a Staph Infection

Symptoms Of A Staph Infection On Your Skin

Burning skin and a deep, awful itch are two key symptoms that could spell the difference between a rash flare and a staph infection on the skin.

In this 10-minute audio file I explain how to know when it’s probably a staph infection, how to confirm it with your doctor, and how to ask for the right treatment from your doctor.

Histamine Diet

List of Histamine Intolerance Symptoms

When you think of histamines you probably think of seasonal allergies — but histamines can also cause skin issues like hives, rosacea, and other rashes.

In this 13-minute audio I reveal what you must know about histamines — plus often overlooked sources of hidden histamines that have nothing to do with diet!

H. Pylori Skin Rash Connection

The H. Pylori / Skin Rash Connection

Hidden pathogens are one of the root causes driving skin rashes — and the “heartburn germ” H. pylori is one of the most overlooked.

In this 13-minute audio I share my clinical experience and the research I’ve found connecting H. pylori and several skin rash conditions (like eczema, hives, and psoriasis) even if you don’t have heartburn!

Ladies Love This Masterclass!


“I found the webinar REALLY interesting as I’m in the midst of figuring out what foods are triggering the patch of eczema I have at the base of my scalp. Gluten has been out of my diet for at least 10 years and dairy, most recently (mostly), but I suspect other culprits. Thank you so much for giving me more usable ammo to help end this frustrating situation!” – DS


“Your skin webinar offered tons of information about skin conditions that gets to the root cause of the condition. It gave me lots of ideas for resolution that go beyond typical medications prescribed by dermatologists that only treat the symptoms and can actually create new problems. What surprised me most about the info is the number of conditions that are related to gut health and affected by diet. I finally have renewed hope that I can find answers to resolve my conditions with diet change and/or supplementation to correct imbalances.” – Paula


“I can’t believe how many notes I took from the skin rash deep dive webinar. I just couldn’t stop writing… everything was just so helpful! I never knew about all of the different options you shared even though I read a lot from wellness experts on the web. This was one of the most informative webinars I’ve ever attended and I’m glad I didn’t miss it! Now I know what I need to look for and do to get my beautiful skin back! Thank you, Jennifer!” – Cathy Durante


“I FINALLY have some answers. I can not thank you enough! I learned so much! Looking forward to making some changes and hopefully finally getting this condition under control. THANKS A MILLION FOR THE WEBINAR! I would highly recommend it to anybody who is interested. It was worth every penny!” – Becky

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I am so confident that this information can help you have happier skin… But if you watch the masterclass, and put everything to work, and you still aren’t seeing improvement, simply email support@jenniferfugo.com and we’ll issue you a full refund.

“You truly have the best customer service! You are prompt and professional, Jennifer. I purchase many items and some services via the Internet and your customer service and professionalism is top rate! Many thanks, Linda”

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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I'm hearing impaired?

No worries! The complete transcript is included in this course so that you won't miss a thing!

What experience do you have with chronic skin rashes?

Even though I'm a clinical nutritionist, I've a long history of gut issues and skin rashes. I've personally gone through the process of rebuilding healthy skin on my hands (from dyshidrotic eczema) and have helped clients using these exact functional medicine steps shared within. The bonuses are based on my own personal and clinical experience of how to identify root causes and nourish your skin in ways often ignored by the conventional approach.

Can't I just look all this stuff up on the internet or a book?

Sure. Absolutely. Except you've probably done all that already and if you're here reading this, I imagine you haven't been all that successful. The problem is that the internet is overwhelming and often loaded with incorrect or out-of-date information. And following a book's program can be effective assuming you have the time to finish it (considering that only 36% of books started are ever finished). That said, this is a consolidation of information coming from a reliable source.

Can I get a clear diagnosis of what is wrong with my skin from this program?

In order to obtain a clear diagnosis, you must work with your physician. This program is for informational purposes only and I cannot diagnose you with any type of disease. This program is not intended to replace the critical relationship that you have with your physician. While I encourage you to become your own patient advocate, I advise you to discuss the information herein with your physician before taking any steps on your own. You are ultimately responsible for the actions you chose to take and I cannot make any guarantees that the information herein will "heal" or "cure" your ongoing skin issues.

Can I purchase this if I'm not in the US?

Absolutely! This information would be helpful (and is accessible) to everyone no matter where you live.

Is it okay if I'm not super tech savvy?

Yes. You simply log into my portal using the username and password you’ll receive via email just after purchasing this program, and you’ll find all of the information you’re looking for in 2 clicks!

Once I sign up, how do I get access to the program?

After you've paid, you will receive three emails.

One will be your receipt.

The second will be an email with your login information called” Your login details for Skin Rash Deep Dive class”. You must save this email because it contains all of the links and password you need to access the information of the program.

And the last one will be an email that is called "You're in - Skin Rash Deep Dive {IMPORTANT NEXT STEP}".

If you happen to not receive these emails, make sure to check your SPAM box (or promotions folder if you're using gmail). If you still do not see them, email support@jenniferfugo.com and they’ll get it sorted for you!

Begin Fixing Your Skin... For Just $97 $17!

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