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GFSC Shake Detox Kit —
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Your GFSC Shake Detox Kit includes…

  • 30 servings of Vegan Protein Powder (GF|DF|Low Carb): To keep power your day with delicious shakes in the AM & PM
  • 30-day supply of Digestzymes (GF|DF): To maximize and support digestion and absorption of food
  • 30-day supply of Probiotic Powder (GF|DF): Easily add it to your AM protein shake
  • PLUS Free S&H for US orders*

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Whatever your goals are, adding in the GFSC Shake Detox support your body with what it needs to detoxify.

These professional grade products are some of my favorite to use with clients! They can help you tame your sweet tooth, get your liver running smoothly, improve lab markers, and shed body fat.


Forget about cooking and the hassle of making all this food.

Simplify your Sugar Cleanse journey and focus on learning rather than going nuts in the kitchen.

If you're incredibly busy, this is your absolute best option to make the program doable for you!


A great way to reboot natural energy if you've been struggling with sluggish fatigue.

Supporting both hormonal and energy production, the GFSC Shake Detox helps your body reboot so you're not a slave to coffee (and caffeine) to get through your day.

In case you were wondering...

I use these products with private clients…
and I use them myself!

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