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From: Jennifer Fugo, MS, Founder of Gluten Free School

Dear gluten-free friend,

  • Is gluten causing digestive and autoimmune (AI) issues that are making you miserable?
  • ​Wish you knew where gluten hides in the ingredients list and in your home so you could completely remove it and feel better?
  • ​Are you afraid of getting glutened eating out at restaurants or at a friend’s home?
  • Wish you didn’t feel so alone with your health challenges and could actually enjoy a social life?
  • Do some friends and family just NOT understand your diet no matter how you explain your situation?
  • Fed up with being a short-order cook making multiple meals because everyone refuses to eat gluten-free?

If you answered “YES” to any of these questions, then keep reading because you’re about to see the most effective step-by-step path to simply eliminate gluten from your life.

“I’m Sick, I Feel Stuck and Gluten is Everywhere… HELP!”

woman blowing flourGluten…

It’s been a dominating part of our culture since long before you and I were aware of it. Traditions, meals, and both morning and evening routines are surrounded by or made from gluten.

Birthday cakes, cup cakes, pastries, breakfast muffins, sandwiches, bagels with cream cheese… beer!

Are you hungry yet?

I’m sorry if that gave you a craving, I’m just trying to make a point… that gluten is a monumental part of the Western diet.

Even though things are changing, gluten is still pervasive. Most people have not yet acknowledged or felt its impact on their health.

But some people, like you, have.

I’m sure you’d agree that living in today’s society is very hard for someone who’s trying to go gluten-free (GF).

Gluten is in just about everything… salad dressing, instant coffee, sauces, oats, etc.

Even if your food is naturally gluten free, but not labeled as such then there’s a good chance it’s been contaminated somewhere during production or manufacturing.

And going out for dinner can be a total nightmare because of the very real risk of getting glutened.

Nervous about that invitation for dinner at a friend’s house? You’re right to be.

Having a social life can be hard… particularly when most socializing involves food or drinks.

Lots of people just don’t understand the point of eating gluten free, nor do they want to. They’re the first to say that your diet is just a fad.

So how does someone like you navigate through this gluten-filled society we live in without going nuts?

Keep reading because that’s the exact question I intend on answering!

Why Should You Listen To What I Have To Say?

If we haven’t met before, I’d like to properly introduce myself.

My name is Jennifer Fugo. I’m the Founder of Gluten Free School and a clinical nutritionist.

I’m also an author, a wellness coach, a podcast host, and an advocate for healthy, gluten-free living. And I come from a family steeped in both Western and Eastern medicine.

However… most importantly, I’m also a patient just like you.

I know what it’s like to go through the ups and downs as well as the trials and tribulations of learning to live gluten-free because of years living with IBS-D.

Jennifer FugoIn 2008, I was diagnosed with gluten, dairy and egg sensitivities.

I dealt with chronic diarrhea, embarrassingly smelly gas, bloating, brain fog, candida, eczema and other skin rashes, headaches, chronic fatigue, low immunity, leaky gut syndrome, and even adrenal fatigue.

I felt awful every waking moment. (I bet you can relate!)

When I started going gluten-free in 2008, I really didn’t have much help to figure it out. I was only given three websites to make this transition.

There’s an overwhelming amount of information out there… much of which is old, out-of-date, and completely contradict everything else.

Talk about wasting hours upon hours going down an endless rabbit hole with no light at the end of the tunnel!

There were times where I got so fed up that I nearly threw in the towel thinking that I’d just spend the rest of my life sick.

“It’s just too hard… I can’t do this.”

Eventually, I cracked the code and found a way to simplify the process to 100% gluten-free… so much so that doctors began sending me their celiac patients to teach them the ropes!

I never want to see another person struggle the way that I did… life is worth living and if I could make the journey easier for others, then that was what I set out to do.

That’s a core reason why I do what I do — so you have access to clear resources that are practical, valuable, actionable, and realistic that make going from zero to gluten-free easy.

Since starting Gluten Free School, I’ve helped thousands of women like you become completely gluten free… which has allowed them to first and foremost reclaim their health. They got back their confidence to speak up for their own needs (without causing any tension) and finally enjoy a normal social life again.

As a result, my work has been featured in places like...

brand logos

Why It’s Important To Handle Your Gluten Issues Now… And Not Later

You see, running Gluten Free School has given me many opportunities to learn about gluten-related health issues and how they affect not just your body, but also your mind.

If you’re like most people, you’ve been trying to go gluten free for at least one year. Maybe more.

Most of my 1-on-1 clients come to me after hopelessly trying to eliminate gluten for years.

Pie chart

I recently conducted a survey of readers who still were not able to be 100% gluten-free. For the final question, I asked them how long ago they started their journey.

Nearly 54% of respondents have been trying to be gluten-free for 2 years (or more)!

A survey I conducted several years before this showed similar results except that there was a significant number of readers who had been trying (and unfortunately failing) for 5 and even 10 years.

frustrated womanAnd the toll that this ultimately takes on your body is staggering.

My private clients are sick and tired of being sick and tired.

They have autoimmune diseases (with a serious fear of developing more since having 1 predisposes you to develop more).

And they struggle with digestive disorders, chronic skin problems, debilitating exhaustion, weight gain, depression and on and on…

These issues compile and stack on top of one another so that you feel like you’re drowning in sickness.

The Reality of Gluten's Wrath

So what’s the connection here?

Eating (hidden) gluten sets your health back significantly each time.

And each exposure adds up, compounding on top of the previous times you got glutened.

The inflammation and immune reactions that gluten triggers don’t ever have a chance to stop. Ultimately it means that your symptoms and health problems won’t ever be able to recover.

woman swimmingImagine you’re treading water in a deep sea with a backpack.

Each time you get glutened, a stone is placed in that backpack making it increasingly difficult for you to stay afloat.

Eventually, the added weight becomes such a burden that your body can’t stay afloat.

In terms of gluten exposure, you become stretched very thin trying to manage more and more symptoms.

At a certain point, your body can’t keep up.

This is why more symptoms and serious problems like (additional) autoimmune disease(s) appear.

Your body becomes overwhelmed by constant exposure to gluten.

Whether it’s from cross contamination in your own kitchen, eating out in a restaurant, giving in to a craving (maybe your favorite pizza?) or just being polite at a friends house and eating their (unsafe) food…

Or being unaware that even naturally gluten-free foods can be contaminated!

Studies appear in both The New England Journal of Medicine and Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics that found unsafe elevated levels of gluten contamination in various naturally gluten-free grains. One of these papers demonstrated that over 30% of naturally gluten-free grains could no longer be considered gluten-free.

OR that products casually marked “gluten free” also run the risk of containing levels of gluten that would make you sick!

A 2014 study published in the Journal of Food Protection demonstrated that 20% of “gluten free” products they tested contained more gluten than legally allowed (which is set at below 20ppm according to the FDA).

Scary, right?

Every exposure adds up and dramatically hinders your body’s ability to heal.

Here’s what I want to emphasize: If you want to get back to LIVING your life again free from multiple health issues, then you have got to cut gluten out for good.

What will happen if you DON'T kick gluten for good?

  • You’ll continue feeling sick and awful.
  • ​Your autoimmune disease and its symptoms will compile and only get worse.
  • You risk developing even more autoimmune diseases because your immune system is out of control.
  • ​You may shorten your lifespan. As you compile health issues, it’s like adding more weights on your body until it can’t take it any longer and collapses.
  • ​Your chances of other gut related problems increase (including constipation, heartburn, bloating, excessive gas, leaky gut, etc).
  • You could eventually lose your physical ability to do daily tasks.
  • You could potentially become too sick to work. ​ It's also possible that your spouse or partner will leave you
  • OR your kids may stop being supportive because of how sick you are

I’m not saying any of this to scare you. But I do feel that you should have a realistic perspective of just how real the threat is of getting glutened and the negative consequences of allowing your health to take this type of hit.

If you keep going about this the way you have been, you could miss a real opportunity to support your health now.

Since you’re here, you know you can and MUST do better to give your body a fighting chance sooner rather than later.

So in order to truly revive your health, you must do something different.

What Do You REALLY Gain From Going 100% Gluten-Free?

Instagram postsYou get your life back.

Yes… you absolutely get your health back. But getting your health back and knowing how to navigate the world being gluten-free means you can live again.

You can eat at restaurants, enjoy the holidays (without the grief and comments), make meals that everyone loves (even though they’re gluten-free), shop at the grocery store with more ease and confidence, and, of course, travel!

Speaking of travel — here’s a small sampling of my most 2017 recent trip to Italy (the land of pasta and bread).

Everything you see in this grid is gluten-free.

It includes freshly made gluten-free pasta, risotto balls, my first gluten-free calzone (in over 10 years), a delicious fish & potato dish, a gluten-free ice cream cone with gelato, and of course some amazing pastries.

And there was plenty of gluten-free pizza, (more) pasta, desserts, breads, and treats along the way.

I didn’t pay a travel agent, have a tour guide, nor did I spend months figuring this all out.

I knew how to find these places easily because I have 10+ years of experience navigating the world of food (even though I need to be 100% gluten-free).

There’s no trick… no secret.

This could very much be you.

I’m serious!

All you need to do is gain the know-how to eat without feeling restricted.

Other perks to ditching gluten 100% include...

Extinguish the Inflammation

Lose the stubborn puffiness and weight that hangs on no matter how much you exercise or watch what you eat. Reduce this serious stressor on your body.

Diffuse a HUGE Autoimmune Trigger

Gluten is the first thing every functional practitioner will tell you to ditch because it's such a huge trigger for developing (more) autoimmune disease.

Stop Symptoms at the Root

Stop diarrhea, constipation, bloating, gas, nausea, skin rashes, headaches, low immunity, anxiety, depression, canker sores, acid reflux, stomach pain... (just to name a few)

Lift the Brain Fog

Allow the clouds in your mind to part so you can finally think clearly again now that gluten is gone.

Reclaim Your Energy

No more chronic fatigue, afternoon naps, or falling asleep long before the day ends. When you break up with gluten, your energy can finally return so you can get things done and have a life again.

Feel Like YOU Again

At the end of the day, that's all you really want... to feel like a healthier version of yourself again. Being gluten-free gives you the chance to feel vibrant and alive.

What Happened To My Health When I Kicked Gluten For Good?

Jennifer Fugo before and afterMy life completely changed in my positive and unexpected ways.

Here are some of the perks…

– I stopped having explosive diarrhea and disgustingly smelly gas…

I lost nearly 20 lbs of systemic inflammation (the difference in the pictures is truly remarkable, right?) …

– My natural energy returned (without any caffeine or naps)…

– The brain fog lifted leaving me feeling focused, clear-headed, and motivated…

– My daily headaches for nearly 15 years completely stopped

– I no longer get sick very often. Maybe once or twice a year as opposed to every 4 to 6 weeks…

And the list goes on and on.

To be completely transparent, the change wasn’t overnight. It took my body being strictly gluten-free for about six months to heal. (And yes, I’m still strictly 100% gluten-free to this day.)

But I couldn’t have gotten here if I hadn’t figured out how to execute AND maintain a gluten-free diet.

That’s why I know how life changing a gluten-free diet could be for you and why you’ve got to make it stick.

“Okay... But Jen, I’m Overwhelmed.How Do I Know Where Gluten Hides So I Can Cut It Out and Get My Life Back?”

You’ve got a lot of questions (and fear) about gluten and navigating food. I hear you.

You might have spent hours on Google, blogs, purchasing books and subscribing to email lists hoping to find the best information out there.

But there are still gaping holes in your gluten knowledge and know-how.

It’s incredibly stressful when the simple act of eating food feels like you’re navigating a field loaded with landmines.

Woman looking througn magnifying glass

Until now, there hasn’t been a really good and thorough resource to help you:

  • Thoroughly cut out gluten
  • Understand where it hides (and where it doesn’t) so you can safely eat
  • ​Confidently eat out safely (and enjoyably!) whenever you want or need
  • ​Make your favorite meals gluten-free (and still please all the picky gluten-eaters in your life)
  • ​Navigate holiday meals and other special occasions
  • ​Know which foods are safe, and which aren’t
  • ​Travel all over the globe without the fear that you’ll starve
  • ​Talk to hard headed friends and family who don’t understand what you’re going through and get them onboard (without starting World War 3)
  • ​Discover the mindset and attitude shift that it takes to make the transition to being GF a heck of a lot easier

Doctors and even nutritionists don’t have the time during their short sessions to teach you everything you need to know (plus, it would be wickedly expensive for you even if they did).

Most doctors have no clue how to navigate the lifestyle (one client shared with me that her doctor said “good luck with your diet” after diagnosing her with Celiac… and that was all the help she ever got).

Even many nutritionists are totally clueless about the diet leaving clients to fend for themselves. It’s one thing to tell someone to go gluten-free… it’s a whole other matter to teach them how to do it beyond some basic handouts.

And that’s why Gluten Free School became known as one of the absolute best (and most visited) resources out there — because someone (*cough*… me) who knows what it’s like to walk in your shoes is the driving force behind it.

I had these same challenges about 10 years ago when I was first diagnosed with gluten sensitivity.

My driving mission has always been…

To make your journey to 100% gluten-free easy and doable so that you can get back to feeling “normal” again.

After helping countless women 1-on-1 who were suffering from gluten-related health issues as well as thousands more through webinars… I decided to create an affordable step-by-step program that addresses and solves all of these issues and daily challenges (and more!).

All so that you can shortcut your way to the 100% gluten-free goal and getting your health headed back in the right direction.

It is called…

Kick Gluten For Good

Kick Gluten for Good Products

This 6-part online program is the only resource you’ll need in order to Kick Gluten For Good and get back in control of your health fast.

Nearly 10 years of research, personal experience and trial-and-error, over 7 years working directly with clients like you, and a Master’s Degree in clinical nutrition went into this program so that you don’t have to take the long, confusing, costly journey that I did.

This program is created to save you from years of frustration, mistakes and health challenges if you decide to apply the information.

In fact, Kick Gluten For Good is so simple, yet thorough that functional doctors and nutritionists recommend this course to all of their patients.

Terry Wahls, MD, Author of The Wahls Protocol

“A gluten-free diet can be crucial for many patients and there is no doubt that quitting gluten cold turkey can be challenging.

Kick Gluten For Good Course is everything you would need to smoothly live an enjoyable gluten-free life. For a stress-free transition, follow this course that offers up-to-date support, audios, handouts, cheat sheets, and more.”

-Terry Wahls, MD, Author of The Wahls Protocol

Amy Myers, MD, Author of The Autoimmune Solution & The Thyroid Connection

“As a physician who has witnessed the power of a gluten-free diet for my patients, I also know that many struggle with fully removing gluten because the process can feel incredibly overwhelming, confusing, and frustrating.

Kick Gluten for Good is the ultimate resource for those looking to ditch gluten from their diet for good so that you are excited and empowered to go (and stay) gluten-free.

This easy-to-follow interactive course is packed with helpful tips that build upon each other to make the journey to your new lifestyle as easy as possible. And it includes detailed, yet practical guides on a variety of topics you’ll face in your everyday life such as how to read labels, re-stock your kitchen, win over the gluten-free diet critics in your life without a fight, and even safely eat out.

Not only do I highly recommend Kick Gluten For Good to anyone who needs to go gluten-free because of a sensitivity or other more complex health concerns like autoimmune disease, but it’s also a fantastic jumping off point for bigger issues that you may encounter down the road such as Leaky Gut and the elimination other food sensitivities.”

-Amy Myers, MD, Author of The Autoimmune Solution & The Thyroid Connection

What's Included In Kick Gluten For Good?

This course is boiled down into easy-to-understand modules that build upon each other in a logical fashion so you can get up-to-speed on your own time.

All of the materials are digital so you can access them from any device anywhere in the world and print them out (as many times as you need).

Take a look at what you’ll cover in this course:

4 Core Modules — weekly lessons build upon each other to teach you everything you need to know to outsmart gluten in your kitchen, home, restaurants, vacations, dinner parties, and much more! ($497 value)

  • Module 1 -- Gluten: What it IS, what it’s NOT, where it HIDES (and busting myths of where it DOESN’T)
  • Module 2 -- Cleaning out your kitchen and understanding gluten-free labels
  • Module 3 -- Where else gluten hides in your home and navigating the grocery store (PLUS -- How to deal with food & diet bullies (without starting WW3))
  • Module 4 -- How to Make Gluten-Free Dining Stress-Free and Fun, Traveling for Work or Pleasure, How to Accept Dinner Party Invitations, & Hosting Your Own Parties Without Getting Sick

10 Audio Classes — learn on-the-go with these compact classes that make sure you know everything you possibly need in order to thrive gluten-free both at home; with your family, friends and coworkers; and even in social situations ($247 value)

4 Exclusive Webinar Classes — tackle dining out so it becomes easy, learning to read food labels to find safe products, understanding supplements, and meal planning like a pro ($197 value)

Q&A Gluten Knowledge Vault — 8 1-hour Q&A calls that will help you practically navigate living and eating gluten-free by answering your most frequent questions ($297 value)

23 Checklists, Cheatsheets, Handouts, Worksheets, How-to Guides, Food Logs — Printable documents that minimize the work and research you need to do to rid gluten from your life. It’s all here so you can download, print, and use them! ($197 value)

Private Facebook Group Access — gain lifetime access to my private welcoming Facebook community where you can get support 24/7, ask me (and the community) questions no matter where you live so you get accurate answers ($97 value)


BONUS — 2 Advanced Gluten-Free Living Modules — go deeper and learn how to handle removing multiple trigger foods, addressing more complicated health concerns (ie. autoimmune diseases, fibromyalgia), gene SNPs, etc. ($197 value)

BONUS — Curated Recipe Center — no need to search out new recipes online. You’ll find my personal recipe center to be a great way to get started without having to spend any money on expensive cookbooks or waste time searching on the internet ($47 value)

BONUS — Cooking Support Center — aren’t a great home cook (or don’t know how to cook at all)? This resource will help guide you through getting started in the kitchen so you can free yourself from having to rely too heavily on food products ($47 value)

BONUS — Food Allergy & Sensitivity Testing Module — if you’re not sure what foods are bothering you beyond gluten, this class will walk you through the process of figuring out if you have other trigger foods and the best testing options out there that provide reliable results ($67 value)

Additional Perks...

  • Lifetime Access to the complete Kick Gluten For Good program
  • Accessible on ALL Devices including phone, tablet or computer
  • Never buy another resource. Everything you need to go GF is here in one spot.
  • Save Time: Avoid hours of frustrating & confusing internet research
  • ​I'm Your Co-pilot: Got more questions? Ask me directly!
  • Supportive Community: My private groups are positive and helpful. You'll never be afraid to ask a "stupid question" because all questions are important on your journey!

And the best thing about Kick Gluten For Good?

Never spend hours researching ever again.

Kick Gluten for Good is constantly updated as new research comes out.

Some KGFG Client Praise...

If you’ve no idea where to start, made a lot of mistakes, or find yourself guessing if something is gluten-free, Kick Gluten for Good provides everything you need to finally get headed in the right direction.

“When my husband was diagnosed by his doctor with a wheat allergy that was “off the chart,” I wanted to have as much knowledge as I could so that I could do better for him and have the confidence to speak up about food because it really matters now.

I loved the way KGFG was laid out because I was able to absorb everything, take notes, and really focus on the material Jennifer gave us and then act on it to get things accomplished. Plus I am much more confident now to talk about gluten and contamination concerns whether it’s with friends or at a restaurant.

I no longer trust any online sources, I just go straight to Jennifer! I’ve seen how much time and energy she’s spent helping us and I am so very, very grateful for that.

Because of how great this course is, I’ve already recommended it to several people I know who need help going gluten-free. If you’ve no idea where to start, made a lot of mistakes, or find yourself guessing if something is gluten-free, Kick Gluten for Good provides everything you need to finally get headed in the right direction with the information you can trust.” — Rosa Holmes

I was drawn to Kick Gluten for Good because of the comprehensive amount of material that Jennifer covers. I can’t think of anything she missed. And my goodness, the course is very affordable considering how expensive it is to see a functional doctor!

It is a perfect course for those who have decided to be gluten-free to somebody who has been gluten-free a while, but still is struggling. I just thought the course was wonderful. Jennifer has a brilliant mind and is very gifted at organizing webinars and courses. I really do think she has a gift.” — Paula S.

I definitely encourage everyone, especially newly diagnosed people, to check out Jennifer and recommend Kick Gluten for Good!

“I’m very lucky that I found Jennifer early on in my diagnosis — everything in Kick Gluten for Good was so helpful. Every time I was on a call with Jennifer, she was so supportive. I have lots of notes from each one of the classes and modules about different things to talk to my doctor about and the different tests to request that I never knew about.

One thing I really appreciate is that she states over and over that she is always available as a resource to help keep you on track. I definitely would recommend Kick Gluten for Good and encourage everyone, especially newly diagnosed people, to check Jennifer and KGFG out!” — Dominique I.

“Jennifer’s course, Kick Gluten for Good is awesome!

She does a great job of laying everything out in laymen’s terms and in a wonderfully organized step-by-step way. I just wish I took this class sooner.

Today, I am definitely more empowered to talk about my gluten intolerance. I would take the course again. She is really on to something!” — Mary Ann B.

“There’s a lot of conflicting information on the net about going off gluten. Jennifer’s Kick Gluten for Good program was one of the most helpful and accurate resources that I found in my web search.

She was so accessible, and I had a really great experience with her course. Thanks to her help, my terrible stomach aches, bloating, and pain have pretty much gone away! Thank you, Jennifer. I really appreciate it.” — J.L.

“I have to tell you — I followed your advice on how to deal with family, especially during the holidays.

This was the first Thanksgiving where my parents put a lot of thought and effort into accommodating my diet needs. I was surprised and extremely happy! It alleviated a lot of stress.” — April Jensen

“Your module on how to dine out highlights many hidden dangers of gluten at restaurants that I wouldn’t have thought of.

Now I know exactly how to handle incorrect meals – like a salad with croutons – so they can’t just bring me out the same dish without the croutons. Thank you for giving us tips to navigate and enjoy dining out!” — Carolyn R.

No-Nonsense Satisfaction Guarantee

Take 30 days and to test out Kick Gluten For Good.

If you don’t feel it’s a good fit for you, simply email me at [email protected] and I’ll refund you 100% of the program fee.

I only want you to keep access to the program if it is a good fit for you!

“You truly have the best customer service! You are prompt and professional, Jennifer. I purchase many items and some services via the Internet and your customer service and professionalism is top rate! Many thanks, Linda”

Join Kick Gluten For Good & Get Started!

Your program includes...

  • 4 Core Modules So You're Never Tricked By Gluten Again
  • ​10 Audio Classes To Learn On Your Own Time
  • ​4 Exclusive Webinars on Navigating a Gluten-Free Life
  • Access to Q&A Gluten Knowledge Vault
  • 23 Checklists, Cheatsheets, Handouts, Worksheets, How-to Guides, Food Logs
  • Lifetime Access to My Private Facebook Group
  • BONUS #1 -- 2 Advanced Gluten-Free Learning Modules
  • BONUS #2 -- Curated Recipe Center
  • BONUS #3 -- Cooking Support Center
  • BONUS #4 -- Food Allergy & Sensitivity Testing Module
  • Lifetime Access to the program and annual updates

Total Package Value = $1,890

Use Your Scholarship Now...

>>> BEST DEAL <<<


This offer expires in…

Here's What Practitioners Have To Say...

Dr. Kara Fitzgerald, ND

“As a Functional Medicine physician, I often recommend a completely gluten-free diet. But patients frequently struggle with implementing the diet. This resource is an excellent opportunity to make the journey easier for them.

Jennifer Fugo’s Kick Gluten for Good program simplifies the process, allowing for a smooth and clarity-driven gluten-free transition. With all of the audios, resources, and checklists available, this program is truly “one-stop shopping” for anyone going down that path.”

-Dr. Kara Fitzgerald, ND

“Living a gluten-free lifestyle can be critical for many of my patients and many patients facing chronic illness in general.

Kick Gluten for Good is the whole package for anyone looking to successfully live gluten-free. With all of the resources one could need including audios, checklists and downloads, it’s the only program you’d need for going gluten-free with little or no stress and plenty of ease.”

-Dr. David Brady, ND, Author of The FibroFix

Mickey Trescott, NTP, Author of The Autoimmune Paleo Cookbook

“If you have tried transitioning to a gluten free diet but are still struggling with the details, Kick Gluten for Good will teach you how to live this lifestyle with ease, and most importantly, JOY!

Jennifer has created a program chock full of practical, actionable resources that will help you make these changes for life. Even better, her approach is balanced, empowered, and fun – I couldn’t recommend it more highly!”

-Mickey Trescott, NTP, Author of The Autoimmune Paleo Cookbook

Jaime Ward, The Hashimoto's Health Coach

“Going gluten-free can be a HUGE change, so I’m so excited that my colleague, Jennifer Fugo has put together everything you need to know to have the confidence to live a healthy gluten-free life and LOVE IT in her new program, Kick Gluten For Good.

I love how Jen shares her wealth of knowledge and experience to make this process simple and comprehensive. There’s no need to search the internet and try to do this on your own. Kick Gluten For Good is all you need to successfully make the transition to a healthy, gluten-free life!”

-Jaime Ward, The Hashimoto’s Health Coach

Who is Kick Gluten for Good For?

Kick Gluten for Good is the most comprehensive program out there to get you from zero to 100% gluten-free, but it’s not for everyone.

If you identify with any of the following, don’t join…

  • ​You want a quick fix without having to do any work.
  • You don't want to make time or change your diet.
  • ​You don't like to follow directions.
  • You'd rather keep on doing the same things that haven't worked.
  • You don't have easy access to high-speed internet (or you don't at least have a smart phone).

Again, if you said yes to any of the following points, Kick Gluten for Good isn’t for you. I’m sure there’s some other program or book out there that would be a better fit for you than this.

Join Kick Gluten For Good & Get Started!

Your program includes...

  • 4 Core Modules So You're Never Tricked By Gluten Again
  • ​10 Audio Classes To Learn On Your Own Time
  • ​4 Exclusive Webinars on Navigating a Gluten-Free Life
  • Access to Q&A Gluten Knowledge Vault
  • 23 Checklists, Cheatsheets, Handouts, Worksheets, How-to Guides, Food Logs
  • Lifetime Access to My Private Facebook Group
  • BONUS #1 -- 2 Advanced Gluten-Free Learning Modules
  • BONUS #2 -- Curated Recipe Center
  • BONUS #3 -- Cooking Support Center
  • BONUS #4 -- Food Allergy & Sensitivity Testing Module
  • Lifetime Access to the program and annual updates

Total Package Value = $1,890

Use Your Scholarship Now...

>>> BEST DEAL <<<


This offer expires in…

Frequently Asked Questions About Kick Gluten For Good

1. Couldn’t I just read a book or find all this information for free online?

Yes, you could. But there is a lot of old and out-of-date information, conflicting information, and downright false information.

If you want to go online and research, be my guest. But you are extending the amount of time it will take you to actually go gluten-free while putting yourself in danger of constant exposure to gluten that increases the risk of more symptoms and autoimmune diseases.

If you’ve already been sick for awhile, you know you can’t wait to get better.

I update the database constantly so there is no need for you to go searching down the rabbit hole of Google when you have the Kick Gluten For Good Knowledge Vault available for life, plus you get to ask me questions in the online forum.

Gluten-free is all I do. I’m constantly scouring for different scientific studies and researching ingredients in different brands. It’s possible that trying to stay up-to-date on your own could cause you to miss something or you wouldn’t think to ask a really important topic.

For instance, lots of people don’t think about the small details.

Medications and supplements don’t have to be labeled GF and things like pet food, sunscreen, play-doh, treats, tea, body care products, creams, or contamination with dish towels when someone uses it to cover a pie and doesn’t tell you. (This has happened to me.)

But then you’ll read online that you have to be careful of postage stamps or doctor’s gloves. I’ve already called them and checked. It’s not an issue.

You also learn essential day-to-day life skills like talking to your family....

How do you deal with that jerk Uncle Bob who decides that your issue is stupid and want to embarrass you in front of everyone?

Or how do you travel to a foreign country when you don’t speak the language without starving or bringing an entire suitcase full of food?

Until you learn how to navigate these things, this is stuff that sucks the joy out of people’s lives.

My goal is ultimately to get you to be able to feel joy in your life and that you’re not a prisoner. I want you to get to the point where you are excited to be gluten free.

2. I found a great Facebook group. Can’t I just ask them questions?

You take a big risk doing that.

There’s a lot of wrong and unsafe information that could end up getting you sick because you’re asking total strangers… many of whom have been operating off incorrect information. You don’t know their level of expertise, and besides, they are just sharing what’s worked for THEM.

When it’s this important, it’s not wise to ask strangers.

Once you join Kick Gluten For Good, you get access to a private Facebook group that’s only for KGFG members. I’m in there all the time and you can ask me any question you have and I’ll give you the straight-up answer.

3. I’m not great on the computer. Is this a difficult course to figure out?

Nope. It’s intentionally made simple so that people with basic computer skills can navigate the program online.

If you want a physical copy of the program, you can download the materials so you’ll always have them.

4. I don’t live near you or in the US.

Now, this is what the internet was made for!

Yes, Kick Gluten For Good is available to anyone and you can start anytime. Everything’s accessible from any computer or smartphone no matter where you are in the world. You don’t have to hunt down a gluten-free expert in your area because it’s 100% online.

Just know that the information such as specific product recommendations are framed around what's available in North America. The general information about gluten and how to handle the lifestyle issues is more universal.

5. Will I have to do or change other things besides going gluten-free to get better?

Possibly, but going gluten-free is the first big step.

If you go to any functional doctor, a first visit can run you upwards of $800 (or more). The very first thing they’ll tell you to do is to go gluten-free. If you know you have to go GF, Kick Gluten For Good shows you step-by-step how to do it and save yourself that first doctor visit.

6. Will this work?

To be honest, I can’t guarantee that because it really depends if you’re willing to do the work. You can’t absorb the information through osmosis—you have to go through the modules and start incorporating in what I teach.

But if you’re determined and committed to addressing gut and autoimmune issues, then YES you will see a big difference in the quality of your life and how you feel.

I’m confident that this program can work for you just like it has for hundreds of others, but just in case, I offer a 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee to remove all the risk.

You get access to me for life in the private KGFG Facebook group so you will have continued support. Where else can you get that personal attention for one flat fee?

More Praise From Health Experts...

From Dana Trentini (of –>

“Jennifer Fugo is one of my favorite guest writers at Her articles “Gluten: Why hypothyroidism patients often fail to get better” and “12 Shocking Symptoms of Gluten Sensitivity” have been shared in total by over 72,000 people on social media.

I hear from countless readers all the time about how gluten-free has made a tremendous difference in their thyroid health. Jennifer’s program “Kick Gluten For Good” will help so many hypothyroid patients, especially those with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, find wellness and this excites me.”

From Taylor Miller (of –>

“Kick Gluten For Good provides an extensive, in depth guide to give you everything that you need to go gluten-free the right way. So many people struggle at first because they feel overwhelmed or they don’t know where to look in the first place.

This program covers all of the main topics for becoming a gluten-free pro and then some. Even I, an 8 year gluten-free veteran, found myself learning new things and picking up tips that I can now apply to my daily life. Going gluten-free isn’t just a diet change, it is a lifestyle change.

I can honestly say that Kick Gluten For Good is one of the best programs out there to help you get through that tough transition.”

From Rachael Pontillo (of –>

“I really enjoyed Jennifer Fugo’s Kick Gluten for Good course! As someone who’s benefited from a gluten-free lifestyle in many ways (weight loss, no more digestive issues, clear skin, less brain fog, more energy), and recommends cutting gluten to most of my skincare clients, I can say that this course is great both for beginners and also for those who maybe have fallen off the wagon or need a bit of a boost when the scent of freshly baked bread or pizza comes along.

KGFG breaks everything down into very simple, easily digestible (pun intended) bites of relevant, straightforward information.

Sure, she gives the theory and the “why”–which is helpful to those with hidden gluten sensitivities, but she also gives the “how”– which is the toughest part for most people. I highly recommend this class to beginners, coaches who recommend gluten-free to their clients, or anyone who needs a refresher course or additional inspiration for making the most out of gluten-free living.”

From Joe Rignola (of the Rebel Health Tribe) –>

“Kick Gluten For Good program is an absolute game changer. The program contains everything you need to live a healthy gluten-free lifestyle in a way that’s manageable, stress-free, and even fun!

Most impressively however, is that she’s organized the information in a way that is engaging and compelling without being overwhelming or intimidating.

As a health practitioner for about seven years, and author of a book on the topic of going gluten free, I have zero hesitation recommending this program to anyone who wants to go gluten-free in a way that’s easy and delicious. You can finally go 100% gluten free with complete confidence thanks to Jennifer’s program!

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  • Lifetime Access to My Private Facebook Group
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I only want you to keep access to the program if it is a good fit for you!

“You truly have the best customer service! You are prompt and professional, Jennifer. I purchase many items and some services via the Internet and your customer service and professionalism is top rate! Many thanks, Linda”

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