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Histamine Overload Masterclass

Histamine Overload Masterclass

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Are you frustrated that you can't get any straight answers about why you have hives?

… why your results from extensive allergy testing keep coming back negative?

AND why excessive antihistamine use isn't helping to calm the constant itch?

Histamine intolerance (or Histamine Overload as I like to call it) can present (often very suddenly) in eczema, hives, urticaria (including autoimmune urticaria), dermatographia, sometimes rosacea, and even psoriasis. 

Often no clear answers are offered for WHY you can’t tolerate histamine anymore beyond bad genes, allergies, or autoimmunity.

Your body’s struggle to deal with histamine is intimately tied to chronic skin, gut + other health issues that should not be overlooked…

Even though it might seem like restricting high histamine foods and taking antihistamines are your only options for relief – there’s A LOT going on under the surface that you CAN work on.

So if your goal is to help your body regain the ability to break histamine down so you can…

  • Reintroduce high histamine foods without issue (and expand your diet)
  • Reduce or stop antihistamine meds (and even histamine-support supplements)
  • No longer need to take expensive Diamine Oxidase enzyme (DAO) supplements before meals
  • Reduce and even potentially stop the histamine symptoms completely in the skin  (like hives, urticaria, and dermatographia) AND in other body systems

This is why I created the Histamine Overload Deep Dive masterclass, to give you the tools and answers you've been searching for! 

To be clear – there is no silver bullet or quick fix to this issue because often the underlying problems driving histamine overload take time to rebalance.

My approach IS NOT just another “eat this diet” or “cut out these foods” type of approach. In fact, most of my recommendations don’t even involve food restriction because I’d prefer to help you start adding foods back in as soon as possible.

However my clinical experience has demonstrated time and again that there are underlying triggers + imbalances ignored by conventional medicine that drive histamine intolerance.

And these hidden triggers all have ACTIONABLE STEPS you can take to shift your system back to tolerance (so you can get normalcy back in your life + diet).

The information in this masterclass IS NOT the same that’s presented in any of my other masterclasses. It’s a deeper dive into the specific issues that make you sensitive to histamine + how to begin working your way back out of this frustrating state based on working with nearly 1000 clients worldwide.

Here's what you'll learn...

  • What is histamine, histamine intolerance AND histamine overload so you understand it from a root cause perspective
  • Deciphering which key supplements are most impactful for providing relief (and which to avoid like the plague)
  • Connect the dots between histamine overload, a very imbalanced liver detox system AND hidden gut bug problems
  • Specific diet + food changes to balance + support histamine that isn't just a cookie-cutter low histamine diet
  • How to assess the severity of your histamine overload cause (using a tool I developed in my practice that won't cost you ANY money)
  • How two specific (often overlooked) gut problems will turn you into a "histamine-production factory"
  • Key info on liver detoxing, sweating/saunas + overlooked environmental triggers (so you can decide if it will help or make things worse)
  • Best labs (and specific lab markers) to ask for that help you determine what's going on (both conventional + functional)
  • ... and loads more!


You'll get unlimited access to:

  • 2-hour video of my slide presentation
  • MP3 audio of the entire class
  • Complete transcript of the class

PLUS these bonus materials + downloads:

  • Histamine Overload Assessment
  • Low Stomach Acid Test (At Home)
  • Skin Rash Root Cause Finder
  • Research references + studies
  • And more!



What skin conditions is this masterclass for?

Chronic hives, all types of urticaria (including any forms that are considered autoimmune like chronic spontaneous urticaria), angioedema, dermatographia, histamine intolerance

Is this masterclass applicable for babies and children?

This masterclass is suited for adults, teens or parents of teens who are committed to digging deeper into their case and following directions. I do not work with babies or children so these recommendations may not be appropriate.

I’m on medication for my skin (like a biologic, antihistamine, steroid cream, etc.), is that okay?

Absolutely! You can take action on all of the things you’ll learn in the masterclass even if you currently rely on any of these medications to help maintain quality of life.

I’m new to a more integrative or functional approach. Will this class be too advanced for me?

No, we have many people who have taken this class that are at all different levels of experience with functional or integrative approaches. This will help you better advocate for testing your conventional doctor can run as well as what you can do on your own.

Are there protocols included in this program to help me?

While we do offer many action steps, protocols are not included in this masterclass due to this being a self-study program. More targeted protocols + education on how to use them are included in the Skin Rash Rebuild program.

Can I add the digital bonus resources to my favorite reading device?

Absolutely! Since they are in a PDF format, they should easily work on any device be it a computer, iPad, eReader or mobile phone.

If I somehow lose the downloaded materials, can I download them again?

Absolutely! You’ll have lifetime access to the masterclass via our member’s portal.

How do I access the program?

As soon as you’ve made your purchase, you’ll be redirected to the login page at You’ll then want to check your inbox for the email that contains your login information. That can sometimes take up to 10 minutes. Remember to check your spam box (and your promotions inbox if you use Gmail).

If you do not get the login details email, click on “Forgot password?” under the login button. Enter your email that you used to purchase the program and reset your password. That should give you access.

If that doesn’t work, then email and a team member will get back to you to get the issue resolved. Please be aware that the support inbox is monitored Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm ET. If you contact my team outside of those hours, please be patient as we will get back to you soon.