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After I recorded the “Skin Rash” masterclass, I sent out a survey and 100% of respondents said they wanted classes that were condition-specific…


And so I created the “Eczema Deeper Dive” masterclass!

Now just so we’re clear…


This is NOT the same information presented in the “Skin Rash Deep Dive” masterclass — it’s a deeper dive into eczema building on what you will learn in the Skin Rash Deep Dive.


That’s why it’s a “Level 2” class!


This masterclass will help you deconstruct your eczema puzzle that would take you MONTHS to do on your own:

  • How to discover your "eczema type" so you know what direction to take your treatment (mine is called Dyshidrotic eczema)
  • The 29 lab tests that can reveal the root cause of your eczema — and which ones are the most helpful based on your "eczema type"
  • The 4 lab tests that you shouldn't waste your money on — and why would shouldn't waste your time wasting time trialing fad diets for eczema
  • What you should (and shouldn't be) eating based on your "eczema type"
  • How to know if your elimination diet experiment is actually working — and when it's OK to stop the experiment — without food fears!
  • ALERT: There are multiple causes for flare ups — and each one has a different strategy —  here's how to know what kind of flareup you're having so you don't try to treat it the wrong way!
  • Supplement recommendations + topical strategies based on my work with dozens of eczema clients (and personally trying just about every eczema product on the market)
  • Strategies for what to do when your eczema is super itchy
  • WARNING: You don't get "brownie points" for having a "die off reaction" or "Herxing" or a "healing crisis" — those are signs that you're detoxing wrong — let me show you how to detox smoothly and without side effects!
  • Specific products that can be helpful depending on what type of flare you're experiencing
  • 3 case studies of my actual clients so you can see how these principles work in real life — setting your expectations + knowing what to expect ahead of time is soooo helpful for the mental game!
  • Questions for your doctor (that you probably don't know to ask)

My "Happier Skin" Guarantee to You

I am so confident that this information can help you have happier skin… But if you watch the masterclass, and put everything to work, and you still aren’t seeing improvement, simply email support@jenniferfugo.com and we’ll issue you a full refund.

Now You Can See Exactly What I Do To Keep My Own Eczema in Remission... and How I Help Dozens of Clients in My Private Practice!

Lifetime Access: $97

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